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Curb Appeal

Attract visitors and customers with your beautiful curb appeal

Image of your Business

We all know the difference between a well maintained  property and one that is lacking an “attention to detail”. We create landscape curb appeal.

Focal Points

Do you have a sign or an entrance that you want potential shoppers and clients to focus on?  Raskscapes highlights focal points.
Marketing your Property

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the fact is that we all do.  Let us help represent your business image with our immaculate landscape services.

Mowing Lines can Guide

People drive by your property at high speeds, but we can still draw their eyes in. Our Turf Care  and landscape mowing techniques create stripes will guide them in.

Highlight your Entrances

Sometimes these areas are called, “High Traffic Areas.” Most of your visitors and clients will see these areas.  Count on us to create image of excellence.

Flower Designs can Guide

Like mowing strips, our expert landscape designers and installers can create beautiful lasting flower beds.  We highlight your high traffic areas.

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About R.A.S.K. scapes

Commitment to our Customer’s Image Excellent customer service and quality landscape workmanship is what sets Raskscapes apart from the competition. Your image is our business. We want to create a strategic alliance with you and your company by providing expert landscaping services. We will work within your budget to accomplish the goals that you have set for you exterior landscape.

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