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Landscape Prices

Our landscape prices allow you to leverage your investment

Is it all about price?

Sometimes it is, if you have qualified all your bidders and their services specifications are similar.  You have budgets met, margins to attain and a property manage.  We do have customized plans and landscape prices that fit within your budget.  Raskscapes can also set up  programs for phases of construction and plans for landscape upgrades as far as 7 years into the future.

How do we arrive at certain landscape service prices:

Raskscapes uses three main categories to construct our landscaping service costs:

Materials–Mulch, Dirt, Plant Materials, Fuel, Chemicals, Salt, Sprinkler heads, etc.

Equipment–Mowers, trimmers, gas shears, skid steers attachments, Chemical Tank, Augers, Push Box, etc.

Labor–Hours, Travel, Expertise,Skill, Licensed, Safety Certified, Quality Control, etc.

From those three categories we have attached insurance, administration, and general overhead costs .  We do not base any of our costs on a price that a customer is hopping to receive.  Our trained professionals analyze your needs, measure the service area and calculate the three main costs needed to complete your specific project.  Other factors that we take into the cost consideration is travel, difficulty, logistics, and frequency.

Because we follow our proven design and estimating strategies, you and your company wins.  Raskscapes never cuts corners or quality of service, to fit within a landscape budget. However we can customize a landscape strategy to meet your needs and investment.

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