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Weed Control & Removal

Keep your image looking immaculate with our weed control and removal services

If you got weeds, you got problems.

One of the most invasive plants on this planet can also create an eye sore on your property.  We are experienced in removing weeds on our initial visits and then creating plans to prevent them from coming back. Because of our unique weed control strategies some of our clients forget that weeds are even an issue when managing a commercial property.


Five Main Areas of your Property where Raskscapes controls weeds.
We approach each area with a customized technique of service.  Our licensed and qualified employees have the expertise to keep your property weed free all growing season long.

  • Turf Weed Control: Soil tests and analyze help us to determine what fertilization and weed control method to execute.
  • Mulch Bed Weed Control: Our Pre-emergent and Post-emergent strategies help keep your mulch investment weed free.
  • Aquatic Weed Control: We choose the correct chemical and methods that protect the environment.
  • Hard Surfaces and Right Aways Weed Control: Our frequency of service eliminates those hot surfaces to promote weed growth.
  • Annual Flower Beds: We preform this challenging task to on regular basis to to keep those flower beds flourishing.

Please contact us for weed control and removal services.

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