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Weekly and Bi-Weekly Mowing

Customized landscape services, weekly and biweekly mowing maintenance

The question I get all of the time is, “How many cuts do I need to do a year?”  Weekly and Biweekly mowing maintenance which should you choose. Or better yet, How many cuts do I have to do every year?  The reoccurring expense of mowing your property can get quite tedious.  Most of the properties that we maintain, the bulk of the contract is either mulching or mowing.  The labor and weekly charge of keeping your property looking better than your competitor.  Some of our clients look at mowing as a marketing strategy.

If you could get away with mowing your property once a month, versus every week, and get the same results, most would agree to the cheaper of the two.  But you know as well as me, that is not the case.  Everyone expects your property to look like Disney world at all times.   So if you are going to have to mow your property on a weekly basis, it needs to be done correctly, or better yet efficiently.  The truth of the matter is that most companies come in and mow the same property the same way they did the week before, the same direction, same tire tracks etc.  This is not healthy for your grass nor is it a marketing strategy for your property at all.

Mowing the correct way is important:  Different types of grass grow at different rates, sometimes the same type of grass grows at different rates, it is all based on soil, climate, fertilization etc.  The Marketing strategy that I keep referring to is simple.  If you are going to pay to keep your lawn looking nice,  it should be accomplishing something more than just mowed grass.  You can drive traffic into your retail centers, or into your apartment complexes, just by mowing grass in a way,  that grabs your attention to a site line.  Stripping of the turf is great if used properly.

Site lines or focal points can be highlighted with the mowers to market your property in a way you may have never have imagined.  The biggest thing is to change this site line on a regular basis.  So that the turf does not get used to growing a certain way and loose its luster.  Also the human mind always notices change.  So if it is changing from week to week maybe you grab the attention you have been looking for.  It takes three times to see something before most people will act on it.  So our goal is to keep the flashy change going to grab the attention of your customers.
Mowing Overview:

1.    Marketing  Strategy-Highlight your focal points

2.    Change- The direction that you are mowing at least 2 times a month

3.    Soil Test- At least once a year you should test your soil, to make sure you are getting proper nutrient to your turf

4.    Proper Chemical Treatment- Every yard is different, old, new, shade, sun, there is a different strategy with all of that in mind.

5.    Discuss Focal Points- What do you want to highlight, were do you want traffic to come, etc?

6.    Discuss Sales Strategy –What is your over all goal?

It is very important to have a landscape contractor that has your best interest in mind taking care of you assets.  The goal is to find a landscaping contractor that will partner with you and provide a professional service that has your Marketing Strategy in mind as well as your plant health.   It is not just cutting grass, and not just anyone can do it.  Please feel free to contact us for a plant health analysis test.

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