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Let me tell you a real life story, I had this customer named Mark that was always looking for the best deal and the cheapest price. Every year I followed up with him and quoted his property list and was unsuccessful, based only on price.

He was always telling me that his business needed to run as lean as possible, although he felt his curb appeal suffered from it every year. Every year he made a change to a new landscape contractor with the same end result of dissatisfaction.

Until one day he was fed up with all of the promises made by the low bidding companies, and decided to go with a package deal that would take his properties to the next level. We were able to come close to his budget and make things work, but the most amazing things happened.

First thing was Mark was finally able to develop a relationship with an Indianapolis property maintenance company. Secondly Mark was able to see a huge impact on customer retention, and walk in traffic due to curb appeal.

During that year on all of his properties his property density increased a minimum of 5% a crossed the board. Mark did a few surveys of the existing tenant and everyone seemed to be much happier. Mark was even able to increase his rents and still increase his level of retention. So by paying a little more for a quality service in the beginning, he was not
only able to increase his revenue, profit, and retention rate. He was able to finally develop a win, win situation with his Indianapolis landscape contractor.

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