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Customizable Maintenance Packages for your Landscape Budget

Is it always best to go for the lowest bid?

The answer is no.  Quality verses Price, you get what you pay for or don’t.  Some landscape contractors try to be the lowest priced option for property managers, and it seems to be a win-win.  But in realty, these type of contractors have to cut corners to make their margins and sometimes the quality of service is affected.  So how do you get the lowest price and the highest quality of landscape services?

Here are some tips that can help guide you:

  • Find a landscaping contractor that you can trust.  One that is going to be honesty, and not just painting “blue skies.”
  • Make sure you compare services specifications between bidders.
  • Ask about the company’s policy for reporting a compliant.
  • Make sure you understand the communication channels, when changes need to be made.
  • What type of quality control does the landscape company have in place.
  • What type of equipment will be used in your property? Late model is best.
  • Ask about the equipment maintenance schedule of equipment being used on your property.
  • What type of continued education and safety training does the company provided.

As you can see, there are a few underlining questions that you can ask landscaping contractors who are bidding on your projects.  Raskscapes has partnered with over 100 properties to provide them with the security of excellence Indianapolis landscape service.  Sometimes we are not going to be the lowest bid, but are you matching “Apples to Apples?” We can help you customize a maintenance plan that can fit into your landscape budget.

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